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Benefits of Ceramic Coated Products

When you’re at the track, power and performance are what’s needed to win. Not only do our ceramic coated headers look great, they perform to meet the extreme demands of professional racers. Top race teams across the country use AIC ceramic coatings as part of their winning arsenal. It keeps header pipes cooler, increases exhaust flow and boosts horsepower.


Advantages to Ceramic Coatings

- High Temperature Coatings for Heat Management and Oxidation Protection

- Improves thermal efficiency of the system

- Maintains uniform temperature throughout the system

- Extends the life of neighboring components

- Provides a clean appearance

- Improves performance

- Offered in choices of polished aluminum, black, titanium to name a few.

- Improves thermal oxidation protection at higher temperatures.



Other Services


Our powder coating process employs a solvent free mix of plastic resins, pigments, and fillers that melt and fuse together when heated

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Not only do our ceramic coatings look great, they perform to meet the extreme demands.

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Thermoplastic coatings are a new powdercoating process that melt to form a fusion bonded coating, and then cool to produce superior physical properties from traditional powder coating. Traditional coatings use a process of applying powder material and heat to the melt the powder to the object.

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Our customers can enjoy the convenience and time savings of making just one stop for all their media blasting, stripping and powder coatingneeds. Give us a call about your blasting and coating needs.

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